Helpful Links

Over the years I have encountered many helpful people and organizations. Here are some of the best ones to help you in your time of need:

 Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

This organization has been the most helpful to me on a practical level. They have programs that provide financial assistance to patients for MRI’s, information for prescription assistance programs, as well as cooling and assistive equipment (canes, wheelchairs, handrails for your bathroom, etc.) to help you gain and maintain your independence. They also have a lot of educational material as well as a lending library.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

 I am new to this site, but was impressed with the forms of support they provide to patients in need, such as their Home-care Grant program, Assistive Technology Program, Brighter Tomorrow Grant, Computer Grant Program, and Health and Wellness Program. They offer patient education as well as support groups.

Clean Cuisine and More

Clean Cuisine and More is a book written by Andrew Larson MD and Ivy Larson. They also authored a book called the Gold Coast Cure. Ivy Larson has MS, but has been in remission for years through diet. Her story is an inspiring one. Though I do traditional medical treatment for my MS, my life has been changed for the better through the principles of clean eating that they write about. My symptoms of pain, spasticity and fatigue have been improved more through diet than through pain medication or muscle relaxants. I hope you will take the time to check it out!

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